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Company profile

Noveltek is a leading company of manufacturing electric powered material handling equipment in Taiwan. 
Noveltek produce all series electric forklift, power pallet truck, power stacker, counterbalance reach truck, lift table, semi-power staker and hand pallet truck, pallet jack.
Noveltek can according to customer demand to produce the customers' special requirement specifications. Noveltek is a well known and proven product. Noveltek have exported to 38 countries for 27 years. 
Customer trust our product Quality, you can happy using it, too. Noveltek is your best choice.

Development history

Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc. is the only professional manufacturer of electric material handling equipment in China. The product has 80% export quality and demanding Japanese and European market. It has more than 10 years experience in OEM stacking machine. Such as: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Germany, France, Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece and the Americas, Asia ... a total of 38 countries. And become the only Western European market to accept and affirm the professional factory. Quality conforms to EEC-89/392 and has a CE mark.
Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.: ISO-9001 certification in 2005
Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.: European CE certification in 2009
Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.: in 2012 to obtain the Chinese mainland special equipment type test certificate
Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.: a full range of electric push machine, all through the Taiwan Executive Yuan of the Legislative Council (dangerous machine type test) qualified, safe in full compliance with the factory safety inspection

Corporate culture / vision / mission

Adhere to the quality and professional manufacturing has always been Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.characteristics, but also the company has always advocated and requirements. After 27 years of efforts and the market certainly, Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.: has become China's electric materials transport equipment industry in the most complete professional factory,
At the same time Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.: has become the highest market share of electric stacker brand.
Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.: can plan for your warehousing, logistics, workflow and facilities and equipment, allowing you to improve work efficiency, improve productivity and reduce human waste.
Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc. machine for the current Taiwan industry NO. 1 electric stacker machine factory, high-quality customized products, by all aspects of attention and guidance ~
Is also the first domestic market in Western Europe certainly qualified electric transport equipment factory, but in 2002 to get strict quality control of the Japanese orders, regardless of quality, price and delivery (Q.C.D) are subject to customer recognition.
We are in the quality of the first strict requirements and innovative R & D and manufacturing mission, hoping to continue to transport the industry, improve productivity and increase the source of profits.


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